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making of “all little things” drawn panorama

And this is a little making of “all little things”.. while drawing this panorama from time to time i would set up my camera and would make some shots, here they are combined together for a little time laps “video”



sadly i didn’t continued shooting all the time, and didn’t maintained composition.


some more shots:


work in progress:


and, just in case you missed click here for final result

a ball out of drawn panorama


So I tried making one of my panoramas to a globe, or a ball :) I used flaming pare – a very cool plug-in for Photoshop. It has an option to take equirectangular projection and turn it in to stripes that you can glue to a ball or globe covering all its surface. Then i printed my panorama on a big photo-paper, that yelled perfect quality of image but bad experience in gluing it to a regular plastic children toy-ball.


and in case you missed, HERE is the original panorama.

Finally I am done with this drawn panorama – all little things

So here it is, finally done. Its much bigger compared to my older attempts in making panoramas, so don’t forget to scroll for zooming in :) I started this illustration not thinking of panoramas, it was meant for something entirely else. Later on while drawing i thought why not to turn it in to panorama. I calculated the required size of an image way too late in a process, so i ended up with a huge image to fill up. one year later it was done. (naturally i didn’t draw it daily – i was bored of it quite a bit, so there where months of not drawing) for a bottom i used a collection of other small drawings and for a top i used one image that again was made for something entirely different. but here it is all stitched up.. So below you will find 3 fragments of panorama and clicking this link will actually take you to an interactive version.

Something i have been working for way too long… new drawn panorama is slowly coming

After making my last drawn panorama I started a new one. actually i stared this one even before that, but at the time it was just a regular drawing that i decided to make as a panorama. That proved to be a mistake – I ended up needing to cover quite an area with doodles :) so its actually longer then a year that i am making this one pano. Obviously i don’t draw daily, its more like … monthly.. i got bored of it quite some time ago :) But only 2/6 of and area remains to be covered. so there is a light at the end of a tunnel … i think. Here Ill share 3 images.  it’ll be general view an a close up.

drawn panorama II / work in progress

drawn panorama II / work in progress. general view

drawn panorama II / work in progress

drawn panorama II / work in progress. general view

drawn panorama II / work in progress

drawn panorama II / work in progress. close up

is there an intelligent life up there?

Here are some dots, if you connect them in your mind, you will see an imaginary life form that is quite curious. And as some curious life forms thinks, they also might be lonely and think of some other intelligent life forms. I am getting confused here.

medusa that thinks of an intelligent life forms



Who are we to judge a medusa in its longing for intelligent companionship in this vast empty lonely universe?

macho pichu zine

Some time ago I happen to get a zine, and there are some pictures I made. Basically its a zine which discuses macho related stuff. They have a very nice text, unfortunately its only in Lithuanian, and imo thats a pity. It portrays someones experience as a kid a teenager and a young person living in a small town and dealing with a macho cult

maco pikcu zine

maco pikcu zine

There are some cool images and photos as well, so check it out :



My second drawn panorama, this time lots of hands..

So, finally I am done. Done with the hands. for good. I hope…. :) I must admit I learned one or two things working on this piece, especially regarding anatomy of left hand. If you look hard you can find couple of right hands too but it was harder to draw sins I couldn’t just look at my hand for a reference and draw it at a same time :))) Actually you can find also one feet here and well two other things which will remain unnamed here :)

drawn panorama

madness of hands

In general I can conclude that I am able to make spherical image. And this format is quite suited for such “mad” subjects as this one. The hard past is composition. Does it exist in interactive piece? how do you deal with it? These are the questions that are to be explored in next work. So we see how that goes :)

To see the interactive version just click on an image. After you are redirected to 360 cities website u click and drag (anywhere on a picture). To unleash the full madness left click and choose “little planet view” from a menu. then click and drag. have fun!

hand made

Long time – no new posts, probably a line one could start half of ones posts :) So sins it has been truly quite some time sins I posted something here, here goes a work in progress. For now its just loads of hands on a plane surface, but at the end that suppose to be a spherical panorama, that is if i manage to make it.


as you can see there are 3 peaces of paper in a picture, while in reality there are only two. the one on a left and right is the same picture moved and shot again, stitched in photoshop.

Here is a small update. more stitching and gluing done and we have another step towards all surrounding picture:

click here to see interactive version.

Drawn Panorama

So here it is, my first test of drawn pano. It wasn’t easy, but now I understand how things work. Next one will be much better :)
Sorry I have no ability to make it function directly in this blog post, so pardon me u have to click on image to actually see it.

Spherical panoramas are used by photographers to provide the viewers with the ability to move around the photograph rather than to view it from a fixed position. I used this technique for my drawings.

screen-shot of a pano

screen-shot of a pano. click on it to actually see it.

Darling, lets get a divorse (a new property tax in Lithuania)

Darling, lets get a divorce!

So as It happens this one is about things in this strange little country Lithuania. Recently politicians in Lithuania were criticized about new property tax. Basically its a new tax that forces you to pay more for your property in case your or your families property value is above certain limit. Now lets leave all of this aside, main criticism here was that if you get a divorce and you  divide property you own among you and your spouse, well, you still have the same property still love your husband / wife, and you don’t pay this tax.   And this comes from a country which has a very… mhmmm… how should i put it .. conservative policies about family values.  Dont even think of gay marriage here, its unthinkable here.  Even if you are a family with a house, a kid and a dog but no papers on legal marriage – u are considered as a single person, legally that is. as far as i got it.

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